What is the Global
Food Safety Inititative
(GFSI)? Get all your
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Learn about the
GFSI Global Markets
Programme: Roadmap to
Safer Food
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Find out about current
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GFSI Focus Day
3 June, 2014
Inter-Continental Eros,
New Delhi
Learn about the GFSI
Global Markets Programme:
Roadmap to Safer Food
and Market Access

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On the 3 June 2014, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) will host its 2nd Edition Focus Day India in New Delhi.

The GFSI Focus Days aims at raising awareness around the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) on a global scale. These one-day regional events are designed to create or expand the food safety network in the selected regions and to share views about current food safety trends with fellow food safety experts.

On these occasions, a selection of speakers from both global and local companies share their experiences of managing food safety in their organizations within the GFSI framework. Delegates receive a complete step-by-step introduction to the GFSI and learn about the added value and benefits of adopting the GFSI approach.

The GFSI Focus Day will provide the Indian food industry stakeholders with thorough background information on the principles behind the GFSI and will demonstrate real examples of the benefits that working within the GFSI framework provides. It will also serve as a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange with top food safety experts and decision makers from global companies, local Indian food industry and government.

The GFSI Focus Day India programme will have these questions answered:

  • What is GFSI? What are the benefits of GFSI?
  • What are the GFSI recognised schemes?
  • What is the process to comply with GFSI’s guidelines?
  • Is it accessible to small producers and manufacturers?
  • What is GFSI Global Markets Programme?
  • How can we achieve: “Once certified, accepted everywhere”? What does it mean?
  • How can GFSI help me boost my business?
  • Are there any case studies showcasing the benefits of GFSI?


  • Get a complete introduction to the Global Food Safety Initiative - the principles behind it, an overview of certification and accreditation, information on the GFSI recognised schemes and insight on how even small businesses can implement the GFSI principles within their company.
  • Discover case studies, success stories and best practices from companies that have implemented the GFSI approach.
  • Learn from speakers who have in-depth experience of GFSI through years of collaboration with the Initiative.
  • Connect with fellow food safety professionals.
  • Share and exchange learnings on food safety management systems in the Indian market and abroad.

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